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The S.S. Starstuck

Carlos Ramone and Dorothy Ann

The C/DA Starter Kit:

- A model of Saturn (Gets Lost in Space)

- A bucket of sand and a plastic crab to go with it (Gets Eaten)

- A paper mache volcano; vinegar and baking soda included (Blows its Top)

- A copy of DA’s book on volcanos (Blows its Top)

- A copy of "Discovery of Lizard Island" by D.A. and Carlos, or Carlos and D.A. if you prefer (Blows its Top)

- A model of Carlos’ Instrument - (the one he made in "Inside the Haunted House" you perverts! :p) (In the Haunted House)

- A chocolate cake recipe (Gets Ready, Set, Dough)

- A model of an asteroid (Out of This World)

- A prism and a flashlight (Makes a Rainbow)

- A purple (or violet!) book cover (Makes a Rainbow)

- A stuffed falcon doll (In the City)

Why "S.S. Starstruck?"

Because D.A. is an astronomy nut, and Carlos fully supports her with a high five in "Out of This World". Credit for the ship name goes to EverAfter153. Other possible name for this ship: "Chocolate Cake".

Official Ship Color

Violet - no purple - violet! Purple...

Official Ship Animal

The Falcon

Official Ship Bug:


Official Ship Food:

Chocolate Cake

Ship Quotes:

DA: Carlos, that was the perfect sound! *hugz*


Carlos: DA, you are one brilliant chemist! *hugz*


D.A: Like you and me, they [colour and light] have nothing in common.

Carlos: Says who?


DA: and all because of my purple book!

Carlos: violet Dorothy Ann, violet

DA: *giggles*


Carlos: What would you call it? The "According to My Research Island?"


Arnold: Stop! I can't take it anymore. You HAVE turned into Dorothy Ann.

Carlos: But Arnold, it's all here in this book!


Carlos: According to my research...


Carlos: According to the Shrinkoscope...


Carlos: You mean, Carlos and D.A

D.A: No, D.A and Carlos.

Carlos: CARLOS and D.A

D.A: D.A and Carlos...

Reasons for Carlos/D.A.

01. Because he bet he could jump higher than her, and she leapt at the challenge

02. Because he thinks she’s something juicy

03. Because it’s violet, not purple

04. Because it’s purple, not violet

05. Because he made the perfect sound for her

06. Because she wasn’t afraid to hug him in front of all her friends and family

07. Because he thinks she’s an amazing chemist

08. Because their chemistry is freaking undeniable

09. Because he hugged her

10. Because he thinks it should be Carlos and DA

11. Because she thinks it should be DA and Carlos

12. Because she wanted to go with him in that space pod

13. Because they can reach compromises

14. Because they liked being in each other’s shoes

15. Because they learn from each other

16. Because, like colour and light, they have more in common than they first thought

17. Because, according to our research, they’re just too damn obvious

18. Because when she said "E-road to ruin" he was proud and high fived her

19. Because they go together like sand and a crab

20. Because they hang out together when the Frizz gives them free time

21. Because he grabbed her when the smell of rot was too much to handle

22. Because they "rolled up the ring finger" together

23. Because sometimes she’s the only one who laughs at his jokes

24. Because bickering at that age sooo means they’re flirting

25. Because we all know it was really his idea to get her that star

26. Because he grabbed her leg

27. Because best friends make better lovers

28. Because they got four whole episodes, and then some.

29. Because fighting is their only way to keep their hands off each other

30. Because they challenge each other

31. Because they make each other think

32. Because she cried out his name when he fell down the elevator

33. Because they locked eyes just before they found the source of the sound

34. Because they agreed on "Rot Land"

35. Because he let her experiment with the vinegar and baking soda instead of getting cake ingredients

36. Because she couldn't have made the ant video without him

37. Because, "Stop! I can't take it anymore! You HAVE turned into Dorothy Ann!"

38. Because they were the stars in the chemistry episode

39. Because despite all appearances, Carlos does like reading

40. Because they've already held hands

41. Because Peregrin Falcons mate for life

42. Because Carlos’ reaction to D.A.’s hug was the cutest moment in the entire series

Couples That Remind Us of Carlos/D.A.

Han/Leia - Star Wars

Ron/Hermione - Harry Potter

Carlos/Dorothy Ann ABC's

A is for adorable, which we all know they are.

B is for brilliant chemist, which Carlos knows D.A. is.

C is for crush, which both of these two have on each other, they just won’t admit it yet.

D is for Dorothy Ann, and the nickname D.A. we all know Carlos gave her.

E is for engaged to be married, which they inevitably will be.

F is for the friends they were first and foremost

G is for great chemistry

H is for hug, which Carlos did in the chemistry episode, and DA did when Carlos made the perfect sound for her

I is for inevitable, which these two are.

J is for Carlos’ jokes, which D.A. will eventually admit she loves

K is for know-it-all, which D.A. can be sometimes

L is for leg grab - resolving tension much?

M is for maturing, which Carlos will do eventually and win D.A.’s heart

N is for "nothing in common", which turns out, doesn’t apply to them at all

O is for obvious - who didn’t see it?

P is for the Perfect sound and the lovely things it causes

Q is for quite the cute couple :)

R is for resolved - which we hope C/DA’s tension will be eventually

S is for sweet, which chocolate cake is

T is for together, and when they are it’s too adorable

U is for UST, which Carlos and D.A. have TONS of

V is for volcano, and the discoveries Carlos and D.A. made about each other in and around one

W is for white, which contains all the colours of the rainbow

X is for the X-rated stuff they’re sure to do once they grow older

Y is for young love

Z is for zeal, which they show when bickering with each other

The Carlos/D.A. Music List

01. "I won't say I'm in Love" - Disney’s Hercules

02. "Chemicals React" - Aly&AJ

03. "Toothpaste kisses" - The Maccabees

04. "You and Me" Lifehouse

05. "Over And Over" - Three Days Grace

06. "Come what May" - The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

07. "I Want To Touch You" - Rob Dickinson

08. "Rocketship"- Shiny Toy Guns

09. "Your Guardian Angel" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

10. "My stupid mouth" - John Mayer


C/DA Fanfiction:

Main Pair:

By EverAfter153 (strongly recommended for any new C/DA shipper - these are what got me into the ship):

Revelations by EverAfter153

Swimming by EverAfter153

Notes by EverAfter153

Till Death Do Us Part » by EverAfter153

And So It Begins by EverAfter153

Beneath the Milky Moonlight by EverAfter153

Little Known Facts by EverAfter153

Above and Below by EverAfter153

Under the Influence by EverAfter153

Fear of Falling by EverAfter153

Some shameless self pimping - by MelonRinds:

It was not! by MelonRinds

By the Frozen Pond by MelonRinds

Lessons of Nature » by MelonRinds

Under a Jewelled Sky by MelonRinds

Now I Know There's Something More » by MelonRinds

Of Telescopes and Chemicals by MelonRinds

Sketches of Love » by MelonRinds

Bouquets and White Petals by MelonRinds

By Lianneharmony or Gilrean Narmolanya (same author):

The Most Perfect Girl in the Town of Walkerville by lianneharmony

A Portrait of Young Lovers by lianneharmony (if you want it to be at least ;))

A New Friend by Gilraen Narmolanya

Sight by Gilraen Narmolanya

Peregrine Falcons Mate For Life by Gilraen Narmolanya


Why Is It? by IceyFreeze

Second Thoughts by Alana Smithy

A Taste of Elation by RedSharpie

Of Fictional Crushes and Grammatical Errors by EstellaB

Obviously Oblivious by Kitty-Euphoria

Car Troubles by Kitty-Euphoria

With No Quarrels by EstellaB

Lightning or Thunder? by WalkingAlong

Peragine Falcons 'N the City by WalkingAlong


Side pair/briefly mention/implied:

Sweet Sixteen by the ultimateSora

The Talent Show by Shimmering Turquoise Feathers

Of Spies, First Crushes and Sandwiches by Dclawed

Better Than Rocks by EverAfter153

Dear Diary by nachoser

This Is The Sound of Settling » by the ultimateSora

That's Who Phoebe Terese Was by the ultimateSora

Perlstein Versus Ramon by the ultimateSora

We Go Out In Stormy Weather » by the ultimateSora

Oblivious Reasons » by Omniskriba

The Life and Times of the Fantasmic 4 » by the ultimateSora

Into the Ordinary » by quirky cricket

Ten Things You Didn't Know » by quirky cricket

On The Dance Floor by Kitty-Euphoria

The Allure of a Cigarette by Kitty-Euphoria

Chapstick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry by EverAfter153

June 21, 2008 » by quirky cricket

Contemporary Mysteries » by AudreyBrown

Truth or Dare and Seven Minutes in Heaven by lianneharmony

Gossip Girl in Walkerville » by lianneharmony

Phew - done!



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is overwhelmed by the amount of content. :DDD very good use of pictures. there are so many things i hadn't noticed, like '22. Because they "rolled up the ring finger" together'.

*runs to mem this*

Thanks! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I love you forever! *squees over the pics of C/DA* I actually haven't seen some of these...

Oh yeah, it's my new journal. I love pseudonyms.

-Gilraen Narmolanya/Lianneharmony

Added you! :) And thanks!

Out of curiousity - which ones hadn't you seen before?

awww, love all the pictures! we should move the MSB forum discussion to LJ so that we could post pictures :D

The forums on fanfiction defs need to let us post pictures.

Such detail! I'm not a hardcore C/DA fan and I approve of the picks, clips, and fanfiction section given. It certainly renews my interest in the pairing.

Yay for renewing interest in C/DA!

Out of curiousity - what msb ships are you a huge fan of?

Though I'm not a diehard C/DA fan, I do think they are "the" pair most supported by canon. I'm a huge fan of pretty much anyone with Ms. Frizzle. Other kid ships I like are Tim/Janet, Ralphie/Keesha, and Arnold/Phoebe.

Then again, I don't really outright dislike any pairings except for family/family; the ones stated before just happen to be my favorite.

So...I've been on this HUGE MSB kick lately and I'm a huge Carlos/D.A. shipper and so I was looking around the interwebz and found this and I love love love it and I just wanted to tell you. :)

Also, I'm lylgrle over on the forum and squeeee we basically have the same PC, haha!!! So I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind! :)

Don't mind at all! Always awesome meeting a new fan! :)

ok, so i just found this post and i have to say... ABSOLUTE. WIN. xD you're awesome for doing this. ♥

Hey! Thanks a lot! I had so much fun making it! :)

Btw, saw your post in the MSB com, and just wanted to say welcome to the fandom!

Awesome! Great pics and thanks for the fic list. *adds to memories* I wish there were more C/DA fics out there! You planning to write any more? =)

I have some C/DA plot bunnies and TONS of unfinished fics for them, but nothing I can post yet. I'm hoping I'll be able to soon though... :p

Yesss! =) Looking forward to reading them! Icon love, btw.

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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