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1. Post your top seven MSB ships.
2. Reasons why.
3. Picture of each ship.


Phoebe and Ralphie

Phoebe,Ralphie Phoebe,Ralphie  

“Ralphie, would I ever let you down?”

These two would make pretty babies. And look really good together. Phoebe gets to be in charge in this ship, which she’d find a nice change. I like the potential this ship has, and I like the idea of two friends who are only friends because they share the same friends, ending up actually hanging out alone for once and finding some kind of attraction there, which scares the hell out of them both.

Tim and Phoebe

Phoebe,Tim Tim,Phoebe Tim,Phoebe Phoebe,Tim

“Thanks for drawing me my flower, Tim.”

I don’t think these two are “perfect for each other”, but these two are damn cute and sweet together. I don’t understand the bullshit on how these two just don’t work together – they’re friends, they’re both super nice, and they get along well, but not well enough that they never have conflicts because that would be boring. Also, Phoebe gets to bet the dominant one in this relationship (plane ep) which is a really nice change.

Phoebe and Harry Arm

- No quote because the two are just so damn random

My most random ship. IMO, Phoebe doesn’t fit that well with any of the msb gang guys (yes, I find Tim and Ralphie interesting as suitors, but Phoebe can do better) – and OC would be better off for her. A popular notion in the fandom is that she likes gingers – and so here’s Harry, the boy who had 2 scenes in the entire show. In my PC, the two officially meet and get friendly with each other in an environmental club in highschool.

Wanda and Ralphie

Wanda,Ralphie,Phoebe Ralphie,Wanda Wanda,Ralphie Wanda,Ralphie

“Did – did she [Wanda] just compliment me?”

Let’s face it, these two would be freaking hot together. Here is an example where opposites don’t attract, rather two characters very similar in personality. Wanda and Ralphie both love sports, both can have very selfish moments, and are both fairly outgoing. These two would have no problem hooking up in their highschool years for some hot loving.

Keesha and Ralphie

Ralphie,Keesha Keesha,Ralphie Keesha,Ralphie Ralphie,Keesha

“Come on Weatherman, think!”
“Keesha... what did you just say?”
“I said, come on Weatherman, think!”
“Keesh... you called me Weatherman!”

My third favourite msb pairing changes all the time, and Ralphie and Keesha keep coming back to claim the spot. These two have some good moments between them on the show, not as obvious as W/A, but had the same bickering/compromise/yourannoyingbutilikeyou factor that C/DA had, which again, made it impossible not to consider them as a future msb couple. The two are cute, with Keesha the nagging realist, Ralphie the lazy ass dreamer, and I think they could totally work together once Ralphie matures and starts thinking of others.

Wanda and Arnold

Wanda,Arnold Wanda,Arnold Wanda,Arnold Arnold,Wanda

“This is really embarrassing Wanda... what if somebody catches us?!”

These two were given the most shippy moments in the show, so of course it was impossible not to consider the possibility of these two dating in the future. They’re polar opposites, yet they can still be best friends who really care about each other (Wanda turning down the show she’d been looking forward to all year just so she could cheer up Arnold on the holidays was uber sweet and made of so much win). The ship is also really interesting to write, because they don’t need crazy situations to cause trouble, all conflict comes from within their characters, and they can help each other learn and grow because of how their personalities fit.

Carlos and Dorothy Ann

DA,Carlos Liz,Frizz,Carlos,DA DA,Carlos,Keesha DA,Carlos

“Carlos, that was the perfect sound!”
“Thanks, DA...”

No surprises here. Carlos and DA were my top msb ship ever since I started thinking about ships in msb. It was their moments on the show that grabbed me first. The two are the only pair on the show to mutually hug, they compliment each other, learn from each other, are able to compromise with each other, and yes, bickering at that age so means their flirting. The two always seem to pay most attention to each other, which definitely means something ;) If it wasn’t for the amazing fanfictions for them though, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this into them. Plus, there’s no doubt Carlos will grow up into a hottie, which is always a plus in my ships.

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YAY!!!! Loved loved LOVED this! Your little explanations are so spot on!

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